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Kampagne: AJZ Chemnitz muss bleiben!


Booo! Just, booo. I wish I had a heads up so I could have made a screenshot or archived a couple things. It's like Lame.fm is intentionally trying to weed out its users. I just found my way back after a few years when they got rid of groups. And alas, somehow there are less features than before. Like, // 2018-06-02T16:14:13+00:00 666 20 Posts, 0 Reply Likes, They did said that two years ago with the new shout system and yet still no new groups to create. Like, 30 Reply Likes, 506 Reply Likes, 3, Refrain from writing topics related to politics and history on this forum. Jan is right, fix your Grammar and start using an edit button. It's not rocket science! You are spamming our inboxes with your small portion of comments, and it's aggravating to watch that. (Edited) Like, 506 Reply Likes, // // // 3 months ago 666 20 Posts, // // 3 months ago Action Radar 172 Posts, 3, 2624 Reply Likes, Does it mean that the forums and groups will disappear completely from the website or will they remain in this read only version? Like, 71 Reply Likes, 7, That is right, dude. Like, So the "new" last.fm is in fact the old last.fm without the good features. Like, // 2018-05-26T08:32:40+00:00 Patrick 826 Posts, I only use last.fm to keep a record of my scrobbles - It has come in handy being able to look back at my profile and rediscover songs from years back that I used to put on repeat xDI also have a "legacy" account that I lost my password for but I was able to rediscover some old music I used to listen to, and I was shocked to see how much interaction happened with my old profile, because ever since signing up again with this new profile, I've only had one random person contact me because we shared the same music taste - that used to happen all the time, connecting with people who shared the same music. I miss that. Like, // 2018-06-17T18:38:40+00:00 carnagexcandy 126 Posts, 6 people like this, 2 people like this, It's how I feel. If anything I would hop on over to the betarefuge forum if you want to hangout with some great people. ;) http://betarefuge.proboards.com//plugplugplug Like, 2018-06-23T19:22:49+00:00 Jan 190 Posts, this looks so bad lmao Like, // 2018-06-21T22:49:53+00:00 brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, I'm sorry for people that were hoping for playlists, groups and forums coming back . although there were no key features for me, I don't find a great move to wait all these years before declaring they were not in your plans...but label pages and *venue pages*... really? why don't you remove the whole events section, if you don't bring back a fundamental part of the events' search and archiving. I'm really disappointed. Like, Community Home, // 2018-06-01T18:58:18+00:00 Music Person 3 Posts, anyway, is also the artwork uploading over? or the uploading at all? I just tried to upload a missing record cover and there's no more the option. I notice there's no upload option for the artists' pics too. temporary bug? (and in that case, for *how much* time approx.?) Like, "Past journal entries will be ported over to the new site, with bbcode formatting. However, shoutbox comments cannot be preserved."They didn't say anything about new journal entries. Like, Follow Unfollow 57 //, me too Abdullah... Like, were you a subscriber, as you are suggesting now that you were able to copy all of your old journal posts during 2015, or was that presented with a premise that when the update was promoted elsewhere on every user7s page, what kind of features will affect any changes, or not, which could make you prompt to make that decision Like, // 2018-06-26T15:49:27+00:00 Jon, Community & Customer Services 3204 Posts, 3 months ago Tom Stephen 401 Posts, I am unhappy that the forums and groups are now gone. I understand the privacy liabilities they represent under GDPR without a proper management system. Doesn't make me any happier but c'est ma vie.With the forums outsourced to GS,does Last.FM have a compliant system now? Like, You can use the link to your old playlists to copy&paste them e.g. to a spreadsheet app which enables you to clean them from unnecessary data afterwards and save them as a CSV file. As they are hosted on a slow backup system, the link might not work immediately, then try to fill in your username manually in the URL:https://www.last.fm/user/_/library/playlistsSomeone also created a JavaScript bookmarklet for copying your playlists to a CSV file, maybe it still works.Only the comments on journals are affected, not the normal ones on artist or user profiles. But the journals themselves will be ported over to the new site with BBCode. (Edited) Like, 539 Reply Likes & more

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