Hardcore between Prague and Berlin

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Kampagne: AJZ Chemnitz muss bleiben!


this looks so bad lmao Like, Booo! Just, booo. I wish I had a heads up so I could have made a screenshot or archived a couple things. It's like Lame.fm is intentionally trying to weed out its users. I just found my way back after a few years when they got rid of groups. And alas, somehow there are less features than before. Like, 450 Reply Likes, // 2018-06-17T12:13:45+00:00 Sam Scott 4 Posts, 3, me too Abdullah... Like, all that's needed now is the deletion of all "legacy" users and the demolition is complete ... bye Like, Comment, 0 Reply Likes, 5 people like this, 29 Reply Likes, 0 Reply Likes, // Submit Cancel // // 1 month ago ohgod 124 Posts, // Submit Cancel // // 1 month ago dis0rder 83 Posts, // 2018-05-28T21:44:29+00:00 K~Scribbles 5 Posts, // All 20 Replies, 0 Reply Likes, 0 people like this, // // //, early FF does not. a.setAttribute("href", url); a.style.display = "none"; document.body.appendChild(a); a.click(); } else { // Early FF can, however, use this usual method // where IE cannot with secure links. window.location = url; } } var is_safari = navigator.vendor && navigator.vendor.indexOf('Apple') > -1 && navigator.userAgent && !navigator.userAgent.match('CriOS'); // safari detection if (is_safari) { if (!$.cookie('safari_redirected')) { $.cookie('safari_redirected', 'safari_redirected', { expires: 365, path: '/' });// 1 year var url = "https://auth.getsatisfaction.com/auth/safari_redirect?company_domain=lastfm" goTo(url); } } //]]> body{display:none !important;} if (self === top) { var antiClickjack = document.getElementById("antiClickjack"); antiClickjack.parentNode.removeChild(antiClickjack); } else { top.location = self.location; } //, 523 Reply Likes, "...for example, the Website may offer forums, bulletin boards, wikis, chat rooms, blogs or other interactive areas ("User Forums"). Last.fm reserves the right, but is not obligated, to delete, move or edit Your Upload Information..."Always read terms of use before creating a profile on any website. Like, 48 Reply Likes, 15 Reply Likes, Comment, New Post Search, // Submit Cancel // // 1 month ago dis0rder 83 Posts, Comment, You can use the link to your old playlists to copy&paste them e.g. to a spreadsheet app which enables you to clean them from unnecessary data afterwards and save them as a CSV file. As they are hosted on a slow backup system, the link might not work immediately, then try to fill in your username manually in the URL:https://www.last.fm/user/_/library/playlistsSomeone also created a JavaScript bookmarklet for copying your playlists to a CSV file, maybe it still works.Only the comments on journals are affected, not the normal ones on artist or user profiles. But the journals themselves will be ported over to the new site with BBCode. (Edited) Like, Comment, 228 Reply Likes, 491 Reply Likes, It's how I feel. If anything I would hop on over to the betarefuge forum if you want to hangout with some great people. ;) http://betarefuge.proboards.com//plugplugplug Like, Submit Cancel // // 1 day ago brrouunshhooe 4 Posts, 0 Reply Likes, // 2018-06-11T12:05:50+00:00 Jan 189 Posts, // 2018-06-02T16:17:11+00:00 666 20 Posts, 0 Reply Likes, 1 person likes this, // 2018-06-11T06:56:11+00:00 Freddy Abraham 1 Post, 2018-06-21T19:37:16+00:00 ohgod 124 Posts & more

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