Hardcore between Prague and Berlin

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Kampagne: AJZ Chemnitz muss bleiben!


// // // 2 years ago garynotrashcoug 747 Posts, // 2018-06-17T12:13:45+00:00 Sam Scott 4 Posts, 285 Reply Likes, you have not mentioned about copyright infringements of user7s posts. and by reading all of its entry there is even never included specific due date which the closure takes place. so all of a sudden being forced to watch only the newly transported version of the journal entries with no comments feature is not really effective to my sense. even there was no further notice concerning the change beforehand by email to every user. i do not think that change is effective, and you should take copyright infringements more seriously as much as of users7 privacy. i do not accept the change outlined here. i am possessing the right to retrieve all of my contents i posted in the past, and to regain the right to delete all of my shouts, or entries i made in the past to lessen the data i no longer need or want here. i wrongfully used this website as a blogging tool with full trust that all of my contents i posted here responsibly are to remain intact in the way i posted exactly, to make it as drive to restore stuff. so upon this misconception i was having, after being forced to realize all of these expectations are possibly wrong, i have already decided to remove all of these materials i posted in the past upon saving. please give me the right to access to the original contents intact in the way i posted exactly in the past, and if changed were made temporarily without my permission by someone different, i think i reserve the right to know the specific names or usernames of people who did it only as a means to mob me.  Like, 19 Reply Likes, 4 people like this, // 2018-05-27T18:19:29+00:00 carnagexcandy 273 Posts, anyway, is also the artwork uploading over? or the uploading at all? I just tried to upload a missing record cover and there's no more the option. I notice there's no upload option for the artists' pics too. temporary bug? (and in that case, for *how much* time approx.?) Like, // 2018-06-01T18:58:18+00:00 Music Person 3 Posts, 15 people like this, // // 2 years ago brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, // 2018-06-25T20:51:04+00:00 Patrick 1475 Posts, 746 Followers, // // Powered by Get Satisfaction Terms, Refrain from writing topics related to politics and history on this forum. Jan is right, fix your Grammar and start using an edit button. It's not rocket science! You are spamming our inboxes with your small portion of comments, and it's aggravating to watch that. (Edited) Like, Does it mean that the forums and groups will disappear completely from the website or will they remain in this read only version? Like, 747 Reply Likes, // // // 2 years ago Gabriel Calin 7 Posts, 8, 5 people like this, 9 people like this, 0 people like this, Sign In, 10 people like this, me too Abdullah... Like, Booo! Just, booo. I wish I had a heads up so I could have made a screenshot or archived a couple things. It's like Lame.fm is intentionally trying to weed out its users. I just found my way back after a few years when they got rid of groups. And alas, somehow there are less features than before. Like, 6 Reply Likes, // 2018-06-02T16:17:11+00:00 666 42 Posts, 31 Reply Likes, 3, 0 Reply Likes, // // // 2 years ago Kevin Tang 1 Post, 2 years ago Tom Stephen 473 Posts, 0 Reply Likes, 2018-06-23T19:22:49+00:00 Jan 326 Posts, Go, shoutbox comments cannot be preserved. what is the reason behind the decision, even when the legacy site was active, it was even taking more additional time loading these contents with blank parts what i posted some copyrighted images of others from elsewhere online which needed to be suggested thus like deleted posts of tumblr do to make users sure that there never were posts which any given users posted even was helpful to stop having worries from them, too Like, 3, // // // 2 years ago deleteduser 7 Posts, 3 & more

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