Hardcore between Prague and Berlin

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Kampagne: AJZ Chemnitz muss bleiben!


I am just wondering how long lastfm will last? Like, 2018-06-23T19:22:49+00:00 Jan 326 Posts, About, Announcement, 1, 7, 1041 Reply Likes, // // 2 years ago G.G.B. 437 Posts, 2 people like this, 2018-06-21T19:37:16+00:00 ohgod 133 Posts, 4 people like this, 19 Reply Likes, "Past journal entries will be ported over to the new site, with bbcode formatting. However, shoutbox comments cannot be preserved."They didn't say anything about new journal entries. Like, 381 Reply Likes, Ehhhhhhh...... (Edited) Like, 756 Followers, 0 Reply Likes, // 2018-06-18T00:13:05+00:00 snyde1 109 Posts, // 2018-06-02T16:17:11+00:00 666 42 Posts, Community Home, // 2018-06-24T13:50:00+00:00 brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, // // 2 years ago snyde1 109 Posts, 10 people like this, https://youtu.be/25wZoyULlcI?t=3m10s3:10 - 3:52 will be the answer, Jan, even if it's said about YouTube instead of Last.fm :> even when loving someone, you still can complain, no matter how useless this can be.. just emotional thing Like, // 2018-05-27T18:19:29+00:00 carnagexcandy, Moderator 385 Posts, 0 people like this, 0 Reply Likes, // // // 2 years ago Patrick 1508 Posts, No one seems to notice how they started the post:Last.fm takes the privacy of its users very seriouslyIn my opinion this is what they mean - the new GDPR laws force them to take the necessary measures to anonymize their internal databases unless there's a good reason for accessing that information and they don't want to spend time on doing this on legacy (read only) databases.I don't usually agree with Last.fm's latest decision, but this time I think it's a proper decision. From my understanding they are not saying these features will never come back, but they can't come back at this moment and because of GDPR there's no alternative than to remove them. Like, // 2018-06-01T19:01:46+00:00 Music Person 3 Posts, 353 Reply Likes, // // 2 years ago brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, Damn, punctuation and sentence structure aren't your thing huh? Like, 0 Reply Likes, 102 Reply Likes, 0 Reply Likes, // // // 2 years ago Jon, Community & Customer Services 5375 Posts, // // // 2 years ago garynotrashcoug 747 Posts, 1041 Reply Likes, https://www.last.fm/legal/terms#para12" You hereby waive any moral rights (or any similar rights in any jurisdiction) you may have in and to any of Your Upload Information, even if such material is altered or changed in a manner not agreeable to you. You agree and understand that Last.fm, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners are not obligated to use Your Upload Information submitted through the Website or otherwise, and may alternatively choose, in its sole discretion, to discard, refuse to post, limit or block access to Your Uploaded Information without any liability whatsoever."Please contact our legal team if you have any further questions on this or other matters. Like & more

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