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Kampagne: AJZ Chemnitz muss bleiben!


I find this stupid! The administration said they would return all old functions to its place after they finish BETA. Where this all leads if we will not be, able to use our old Groups for which it took years of effort to build? I don’t understand here anything. What is the point of being here if we will never be able to communicate with one another on the way like we used to? I will no longer visit my profile because I don’t see a point of hanging on my profile 24/7 when the Groups will never return. Can somebody explain to me what is going on here? Will the Groups, Journals, “About Me,” recent friends activity, recent listeners list, top listeners for albums and playlists return or not? If Spotify can have a personal forum, and recent friends activity then I don’t see a reason why Last.FM is not able to bring it back. (Edited) Like, I forgot that you were still able to access these pages. Anyway, I'm not too bothered myself as I copied all of my old journal posts into a word document during the massive update in summer 2015. Like, // // // 2 years ago Louisa O 12 Posts, // 2018-06-11T06:56:11+00:00 Freddy Abraham 1 Post, // 2018-05-26T08:32:40+00:00 Patrick 1521 Posts, I only use last.fm to keep a record of my scrobbles - It has come in handy being able to look back at my profile and rediscover songs from years back that I used to put on repeat xDI also have a "legacy" account that I lost my password for but I was able to rediscover some old music I used to listen to, and I was shocked to see how much interaction happened with my old profile, because ever since signing up again with this new profile, I've only had one random person contact me because we shared the same music taste - that used to happen all the time, connecting with people who shared the same music. I miss that. Like, anyway, is also the artwork uploading over? or the uploading at all? I just tried to upload a missing record cover and there's no more the option. I notice there's no upload option for the artists' pics too. temporary bug? (and in that case, for *how much* time approx.?) Like, // // This conversation is no longer open for comments or replies. // // This conversation is no longer open for comments or replies. // Like Unlike 126 //, 15 Reply Likes, Follow Unfollow 159 //, 4102 Reply Likes, It is now possible to delete permanently Like, 2018-06-23T19:22:49+00:00 Jan 326 Posts, 1, 9 people like this, 0 people like this, 2018-06-21T19:37:16+00:00 ohgod 133 Posts, Go, // 2018-06-24T13:49:48+00:00 brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, I’ve requested for it to be taken down a few times over the years and was denied. Like, 6, I really can't see the sense of it all: you improved considerably the events' creation system, now way better than before. also, the geographical search works better now. but it still seems you *don't want* people attending gigs on your site. 1 - seeing which events a single venue hosted in the past and will host in the future helps people to join more events.2 - correcting/updating venues' wrong details (address etc) helps people to join more events.3 - seeing which events your friends are attending (in a sub-section as it was before) helps people to join more events too.you apparently don't care of these things, and it seems we have to renounce to 1) and 2) forever. :( Like, 3 Reply Likes, My distaste for the new lastfm started way back when it was still a beta and while I still had the option to switch back to the legacy site. I remember a majority of the users voted against the beta makeover as it was all cosmetic and lacked a lot of the old charm. Seems like they'll be losing a major chunk of disheartened legacy users more now than ever. I'm glad I was around during the good ol times. Last.fm would never be the same till they stop killing all the good stuff thinking they are 'improving' s**t. You ain't! Like, // 2018-05-28T21:44:29+00:00 K~Scribbles 5 Posts, 1 Reply Like, // // // 2 years ago dis0rder 83 Posts, 126 Reply Likes, shoutbox comments cannot be preserved. what is the reason behind the decision, even when the legacy site was active, it was even taking more additional time loading these contents with blank parts what i posted some copyrighted images of others from elsewhere online which needed to be suggested thus like deleted posts of tumblr do to make users sure that there never were posts which any given users posted even was helpful to stop having worries from them, too Like, // // 2 years ago G.G.B. 437 Posts, 0 people like this, why do you think so  Like, 0 Reply Likes, 703 Reply Likes, 432 Reply Likes, this looks so bad lmao Like, Follow Unfollow 159 //, 6, View previous… 2018-05-24T22:02:36+00:00 Tom Stephen 479 Posts, // // // 2 years ago Kevin Tang 1 Post & more

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