Hardcore between Prague and Berlin

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Kampagne: AJZ Chemnitz muss bleiben!


only supporting my claim that as you used the word, during, i thought while the change was taking place, i thought you were doing that, as that procedure cannot be done instantly. i think that kind of a point of view can come from english language, having the term progressive. as you see, even this site is giving its users the right to decide whether to edit, or remove the post they made on their discretion, i guess at least we need to be provided specific reasons on why that ought to be taken place, even when we are not subscribers.asking out users to be subscribers, especially if it thinks that running of specific pages rather cost, or something more openly, like wikipedia or guardian does is also an option to me, without making that decision without providing any specific reasons behind them.  (Edited) Like, 5, Announcement, 15 people like this, Follow Unfollow 137 //, 6, // 2018-06-11T18:00:32+00:00 Tom Stephen 439 Posts, 20 people like this, // 2018-05-27T15:02:23+00:00 cocieto 47 Posts, That is right, dude. Like, 0 people like this, 0 people like this, 102 Reply Likes, // // 1 year ago Bitl Hart 1 Post, Booo! Just, booo. I wish I had a heads up so I could have made a screenshot or archived a couple things. It's like Lame.fm is intentionally trying to weed out its users. I just found my way back after a few years when they got rid of groups. And alas, somehow there are less features than before. Like, 4, Well, it's lasted this long.  Can you believe it's been almost, if not, 15 years?! I'm old!! Last.fm is a legacy in itself, there really is nothing else like it even to this day.It used to be the Facebook of music lovers, but way better than Facebook.Now? It's not even a shell of its former self.. however, last.fm is an amazing music database and if anything it is a way for users to track and journal their music habits.  As someone who listens to music 24/7 and takes it too seriously, last.fm has been a blessing to me.  I hate when I've realised I haven't scrobbled for 2 weeks because my scrobbling method was acting up.  I love the charts, but mostly love the music history.I would love a way to self-host last.fm, but imagine the size of database you'd eventually need? Imagine the hosting costs for last.fm lol-- Is it possible to Scrobble to your own self-hosted server? I'd be interested in fooling around with that if there is a source.. I doubt it but let me know anyone who reads this and knows >>>_>> (Not directed at you OP)If it came to it, I'd wish for last.fm to depreciate everything except for Scrobbling..  Really, with all the other methods of socialization, to me last.fm is a way to store my listening history and share it with the social media sites that I use to socialize. Like, // // 1 year ago brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, // 2018-06-24T13:49:48+00:00 brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, // // Powered by Get Satisfaction Terms, 6, Follow Unfollow 137 //, 72 Reply Likes, // Closure of Legacy Last.fm site pages Like Unlike 99 //, // 2018-06-01T19:01:46+00:00 Music Person 3 Posts, Been here almost 10 years and i all i can see is bad management and awful updates ripping what made Last.FM unique and lovable for music addicts .shame  (Edited) Like, Popular, // 2018-05-27T18:19:29+00:00 carnagexcandy 226 Posts, Sign In, 726 Followers, // 2018-05-18T08:36:20+00:00 TsuTsan Tsunami 8 Posts, 464 Reply Likes, 2 people like this, So just to be clear, groups aren't coming back in the near future or they aren't coming back at all? Are you still working on groups, because I thought that was the whole point of the new shoutboxes? (Edited) Like, // 2018-06-26T15:49:27+00:00 Jon, Community & Customer Services 5049 Posts, // 2018-06-17T18:38:40+00:00 carnagexcandy 226 Posts, 0 Reply Likes, // 2018-06-01T18:58:18+00:00 Music Person 3 Posts, Posted 1 year ago // Like Unlike 99 //, I only use last.fm to keep a record of my scrobbles - It has come in handy being able to look back at my profile and rediscover songs from years back that I used to put on repeat xDI also have a "legacy" account that I lost my password for but I was able to rediscover some old music I used to listen to, and I was shocked to see how much interaction happened with my old profile, because ever since signing up again with this new profile, I've only had one random person contact me because we shared the same music taste - that used to happen all the time, connecting with people who shared the same music. I miss that. Like & more

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