Hardcore between Prague and Berlin

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Kampagne: AJZ Chemnitz muss bleiben!


3 Reply Likes, Categories, 255 Reply Likes, Posted 5 months ago // Like Unlike 41 //, 2018-05-18T12:30:05+00:00 dis0rder 83 Posts, So just to be clear, groups aren't coming back in the near future or they aren't coming back at all? Are you still working on groups, because I thought that was the whole point of the new shoutboxes? (Edited) Like, 34 Reply Likes, 2 people like this, // // Community Home, 190 Reply Likes, // 2018-06-21T22:49:53+00:00 brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, Community Home, 7 people like this, 2849 Reply Likes, 938 Reply Likes, about what exactly. Like, anyway, is also the artwork uploading over? or the uploading at all? I just tried to upload a missing record cover and there's no more the option. I notice there's no upload option for the artists' pics too. temporary bug? (and in that case, for *how much* time approx.?) Like, Have you tried using the Wayback Machine for your profile? I've mentioned this to a couple of other members, and I've had some success in retrieving some older screenshots of my profile. Although I haven't tried journals or groups, I hope it's worth a shot! Like, Announcement, "Past journal entries will be ported over to the new site, with bbcode formatting. However, shoutbox comments cannot be preserved."They didn't say anything about new journal entries. Like, 71 Reply Likes, Sign In, 0 Reply Likes, // // Powered by Get Satisfaction Terms, New Post, 3, you have not mentioned about copyright infringements of user7s posts. and by reading all of its entry there is even never included specific due date which the closure takes place. so all of a sudden being forced to watch only the newly transported version of the journal entries with no comments feature is not really effective to my sense. even there was no further notice concerning the change beforehand by email to every user. i do not think that change is effective, and you should take copyright infringements more seriously as much as of users7 privacy. i do not accept the change outlined here. i am possessing the right to retrieve all of my contents i posted in the past, and to regain the right to delete all of my shouts, or entries i made in the past to lessen the data i no longer need or want here. i wrongfully used this website as a blogging tool with full trust that all of my contents i posted here responsibly are to remain intact in the way i posted exactly, to make it as drive to restore stuff. so upon this misconception i was having, after being forced to realize all of these expectations are possibly wrong, i have already decided to remove all of these materials i posted in the past upon saving. please give me the right to access to the original contents intact in the way i posted exactly in the past, and if changed were made temporarily without my permission by someone different, i think i reserve the right to know the specific names or usernames of people who did it only as a means to mob me.  Like, 4, // 2018-05-26T08:32:40+00:00 Patrick 881 Posts, 8 people like this, // // 4 months ago brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, // 2018-06-24T13:49:48+00:00 brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, It's how I feel. If anything I would hop on over to the betarefuge forum if you want to hangout with some great people. ;) http://betarefuge.proboards.com//plugplugplug Like, 450 Reply Likes, 450 Reply Likes, Register, 15 people like this, I really can't see the sense of it all: you improved considerably the events' creation system, now way better than before. also, the geographical search works better now. but it still seems you *don't want* people attending gigs on your site. 1 - seeing which events a single venue hosted in the past and will host in the future helps people to join more events.2 - correcting/updating venues' wrong details (address etc) helps people to join more events.3 - seeing which events your friends are attending (in a sub-section as it was before) helps people to join more events too.you apparently don't care of these things, and it seems we have to renounce to 1) and 2) forever. :( Like, // // 4 months ago brrouunshhooe 11 Posts, // // 5 months ago Bitl Hart 1 Post & more

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