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Gieszer16 in Leipzig-Plagwitz, Conne Island in Leipzig-Connewitz

HC Lives?! Bands

Adjudgement, Bane, Bounz The Ball, Bury My Sins, Comeback Kid, Comecloser, Compact Justice, Dead For A Minute (RIP), Defdump, Desiderata (RIP), Elision, Eloquent (RIP), Eyeless View (RIP), Farmer's Boulevard, FC Five, Final Force (RIP), FTX, Full Speed Ahead, G.H.C., G.O.R.P. Heaven Shall Burn, Her Little Sisters - Motherless (RIP), Julith Krishun, Kafka, Kayla (RIP), Last Hope, Memnoch, Mind The Gap, Narziß, Non Toccate Miranda, North Shore, Pagdalan, Paris In Flames, Run Riot, Scraps Of Tape, Shut The Fuck Up, Sixpoundgod, Slight, Stout, Strong As Ten, Summer League (RIP), The 4 Sivits, Three Minute Heroes, Tinnitus (RIP), Tourdeforce Trip At The Brain (RIP), Tuesday Afternoon (RIP)


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